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Bonpress srl is a historic company in Brescia operating in the field of hot brass moulding for the supply of design components for drinking water, heating, gas and any other type of use.

The skills acquired in over 40 years of experience in this field and the company know-how ensure that Bonpress srl can support its customers throughout the whole production process, starting from the very idea of the product. Bonpress srl operates in complete autonomy in every phase of production, from the design of the equipment, to the procurement of raw materials, to the production of the raw semifinished product, up to the delivery of the finished product, tested and packaged. The hot brass moulding phase is performed by automated islands that mould the raw material. The material is provided by the best Italian and European suppliers and is always equipped with appropriate certificates attesting the composition of the alloy supplied.

In the same department, shearing, heat and surface treatments are carried out. An optimal management of the logistics grants to the customer a complete traceability of the production lots.

Via Mondalino di Sopra n. 7 - 25070 - Preseglie (BS) ITALY
Tel. +39 0365.862396 - Fax. +39 0365.862397

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